Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski, M.B.A., M. Div. (Fr. Stan)

February 17/18, 2018

1st Sunday in Lent

   In our daily lives God sets before us many challenges, many situations that appear to be great trials. Like Jesus’ journey to the desert our Lenten journey, if accepted properly, will be a great challenge, a desert experience. The challenge we will face will make us better and more complete people.

   Our lives a filled with trials. There are challenges at work with our business associates, with the boss, with our duties. There are challenges at school, with classmates, teachers and homework assignments. There are trials and challenges in life, with problems, illness, suffering, and death.

   How do we handle all these trials and challenges in our lives? The answer is to go to the desert. The solution will be found there. The solutions to life’s trials are found in prayer, works of mercy, and fasting - the traditional Lenten observances. None of these works change God, for the Lord is all knowing, all loving, and immutable. But through prayer, works of mercy, and fasting - we change. We can then accept the trials and challenges of life, and more importantly, God’s will in our lives. Through trial and challenge we grow; through prayer we learn acceptance.

   We begin our Lenten journey by traveling to the desert. It is a journey of trial; it is a journey of challenge. Even though this journey may be difficult we believe that the challenge allows us to grow and accept the will of God in our lives. Today let us seek the challenge of the desert. Let us turn to prayer in our lives. Let us be transformed on our personal journey to Calvary and resurrection.

God bless you,
Fr. Stan