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"St. Anthony's Parish is a Roman Catholic Family of Faith, rooted in tradition, centered on the Holy Eucharist,

        faithful to the Church's teaching, bringing the Light of Christ to each other and to our community."

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Parish Office & Rectory:

        -Address: 900 Washington St
                        Easton, PA 18042
          - Phone number: (610)-253-7188

         - Fax number: (610)-253-6184

         - Email:

         - Hours of Operation:

             Monday - Thursday: 9am-3pm
             Friday: CLOSED

Diocese of Allentown:

         - Website:

         - Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator:

                  Wendy S. Krisak, M.A., NCC, LPC 

              -The Diocese of Allentown provides assistance to anyone who, as a minor, was sexually abused by a priest, deacon, or employee/volunteer of the Diocese/Parish.  Parents, guardians, children, and survivors of sexual abuse are invited and encouraged to contact the Diocese of Allentown for more information about this program.  The fullness of compassion should be extended to these victims by the Church.     Confidential Phone: (800)-791-9209    

- Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator:

Pamela Russo, MSW, MS

Phone: (610)-871-5200, Ext. 2204 


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