Rev. Keith Laskowski

June 25/26, 2022

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

TODAY’S GOSPEL REMINDS ME OF WHEN I WAS A KID. I would be playing or watching T.V. All of a sudden, I heard my mom call me downstairs to help with a task. I would say, “Just a minute; I’ll be right down.” But the reality is I would often forget and continue to do what I wanted to do. In other words, I was not listening to the call of my mom. There was a struggle of wills: my will vs. my mom’s will. In the Gospel today, Jesus extends a call to different people, “Follow me.” People are not responding to his call. Rather, they are delaying the response to do something
else. Some do not welcome the invitation. Another person answers with great gusto but perhaps with some naivete. Jesus reminds them of the demands of being a disciple. Lastly, we see two instances where people offer a delayed response to Jesus. Rather than make their
commitment to Jesus the priority, they use other things as an excuse to delay their response.

   Jesus continues to invite us to “follow Him.” We are His disciples. He tells us, “Go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” For us to proclaim the Kingdom of God, Jesus must reign in our lives. The love of Jesus must be our priority. We pray daily, “Thy kingdom come.” I states it beautifully: “The kingdom of God [is] righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. The end-time in which we live is the age of the outpouring of the Spirit. Ever since Pentecost, a
decisive battle has been joined between "the flesh" and the Spirit.” There is a continual struggle between my will and the will of God. Let us make the call of Jesus our number one priority. Let us ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to build the kingdom of God within us so that we might “serve one another through love.”

   How might Jesus be calling you to build the kingdom of God?

Have a good week!

-Father Keith


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