Fr. Stan's 2020 "State of the Parish" Address

Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski, M.B.A., M. Div. (Fr. Stan)

November 21/22, 2020

Solemnity of Christ the King

   TODAY IS THE SOLEMNITY OF OUR LORD, Jesus Christ, King of the universe. This is a grand and mighty title given to our Lord, as we acknowledge that he is the King of Heaven and
Earth. Jesus, however, does not call us to treat him like royalty. Instead, he commands that we pay homage to Him by caring for His people. The gospel is clear: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, care for the sick, visit the imprisoned, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger. Jesus tells us plainly that by doing for others, we are doing for Jesus Himself. Conversely, when we fail to care for one another and his or her needs, we fail to care for Jesus. All who have answered Christ’s call for discipleship and all who love and care for others, will inherit the Kingdom He has prepared for us.

   There is an abundance of wisdom in the readings the church has chosen for this special day. Surely, it is no accident that on the same day that we honor Jesus as King, He is also
referred to as shepherd. One title appears grand and mighty; the other seems humble and unassuming, but both are integrally tied to the meaning of this feast. For in coming to
inaugurate and reign over the Kingdom, Christ also came in perfect humility.

   It is a powerful image in today’s gospel as Jesus sits on His glorious throne surrounded by His angels, with the nations assembled before Him waiting to be judged. It is clear that those sheep who have listened to His voice will be welcomed fully into the Kingdom, for they will have been living in the Kingdom on earth. The goats, however, will be left aside, having not heeded the simple commands of the shepherd. As you and I reflect on this, it means that we, however well
or imperfectly, hear and listen to our Shepherd’s voice. By the way we cooperate with God’s grace, we can continue what we are doing; we can begin again, or we can do more to
listen and obey His word and help bring about the Kingdom here and now.

God bless you,
Fr. Stan