Fr. Stan's 2019 "State of the Parish" Address

Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski, M.B.A., M. Div. (Fr. Stan)

December 7/8, 2019

2nd Sunday of Advent

   "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"


   We are half way through the season of Advent.  How quickly time passes.  Today we hear John the Baptist’s call to conversion.  He urges us to open our hearts to welcome the Son of God.  Easier said than done.  How difficult it is to be completely open to the transformative love of God, yet that is precisely what this holy season of Advent wants for each of us - open to God’s love so that we can be that love for others.

   If you think about it a bit more, what we decide today really sets the course for our future.  What we do today, and what we do tomorrow, and what we do for the future tomorrows really determines our own final days when we will be preparing to meet God face-to-face.  As we know, these weeks of Advent not only provide a time for us to prepare for the coming of our Lord at Christmas, they also provide time for us to prepare for His second coming.  That is quite a lot of preparing in four short weeks; however, we know that good results come from hard work. 

   John’s words are very clear and for many (perhaps, for most) very difficult, but like most things that are difficult, they also bring us life and good spiritual health.  John urges us to prepare for the coming of the Lord in our own personal deserts – those places of aridity, darkness, discouragement, and despair.  We all have them of course, but our faith also provides the oasis we need as we need to continue on our journey of preparing for Jesus the Christ.  So, let us grow in faith and Prepare the way of the Lord. 


God bless you,
Fr. Stan