Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski, M.B.A., M. Div. (Fr. Stan)

December 15/16, 2018

3rd Sunday of Advent

   ADVENT IS A TIME TO WAIT and prepare for the coming of the Messiah. What exactly does that mean? Advent is more than just waiting for the One who will once again teach us right from wrong. If you think about it, we really don’t need Jesus to tell us not to steal. We don’t need the Lord to tell us not to hoard our things and money. We don’t need the Son of God to tell us to stop cheating one another.

   What we need is a Savior - someone to change everything in this life and the life to come. So, as we journey these last nine days of Advent and as we reflect on our own spiritual journey, let us not reduce our faith simply to accepting a bunch of rights and wrongs. Nonbelievers can do that much and, not surprisingly, often as well or better than we. No, our faith is so much more than that. Rather, let us make sure that we are waiting for a person - someone to meet, someone to get to know, someone to embrace, someone to build a relationship with who will transform us from the inside out in ways we can’t imagine.

   The the things we already know in our hearts, the “right from the wrong” that we know deep within, will be strengthened and illuminated for a life of great meaning and beauty and joy and purpose - a life of profound kindness and generosity and mercy and love.

   That’s what an intimate bond, a true friendship, an authentic relationship with Jesus provides- a life no longer simply lived as a joyless quest to obey a bunch of dos and don’ts. Rather our whole lives will be a grateful response to our God who loved us first, a God who refused to remain far from us, a God who shows us his face in the person of Jesus. Therefore, let’s fall in love with him this Christmas. It’s really just as simple as that. If we do, a lot of other things - the choices we make each day - will take care of themselves. John the Baptist understood that as he was preparing the way of the Lord. May we come to believe that too.


God bless you,
Fr. Stan