Fr. Stan's 2019 "State of the Parish" Address

Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski, M.B.A., M. Div. (Fr. Stan)

April 4/5, 2020

Palm Sunday

   What exactly are we being invited to this day? We are being invited on a journey, a walk in particular, on which our immediate destination is known (a lonely hill), and our eternal destination is a place for which we hoped. Faith is what invites us not simply to admire the story from afar, but actually embrace it, actually live it, and we do the by walking this same journey with Jesus.

   There are no shortcuts. There isn’t a plane ride by which we can simply leapfrog everything in-between. This is not a train ride in which we can curl up and close our eyes until we get there, and this isn’t a journey for which we can simply pay someone else to take us there. No, this is a walk, not over smooth, straight, safe, easy ground, but over a path that can be winding and up and down and painful and difficult.

   And yet, there is no journey that is more important, no journey that is more valuable or worthwhile or necessary. For the destination of this particular journey is nothing short of an incredible life in, with, and for God for all eternity. And we get there by walking - not alone - but with Jesus, as companions, side-by-side. This Holy Week provides us with an opportunity to participate more fully in the walk of a lifetime.

   When we walk with Jesus, we come to realize how He is walking with us every minute of every day.

   When we take His hand we come to realize that He has held us in the palm of His hand since the moment we were conceived.

   When we place our feet in His footprints we come to realize that His way is always the best way, His path the only path to where we need to be.

   And when we trudge up the hill with Him, we come to realize and experience God’s profound love for us, a love that has power over every disappointment, every sorrow, every heartache, every cross - a power over even death itself.

   All we need to do is walk - not simply in awe, and certainly not is fear or begrudgingly - but in faith. Faith is the difference-maker. Faith is the gift. Faith is our invitation to walk with Jesus each and every day, especially this week - trusting that Our Lord will make sure we arrive precisely where we need to be. That is the incredible God we have!

   May this week be truly holy and life-giving for each of us.

God bless you,
Fr. Stan