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"St. Anthony's Parish is a Roman Catholic Family of Faith, rooted in tradition, centered on the Holy Eucharist,

        faithful to the Church's teaching, bringing the Light of Christ to each other and to our community."

September 30/October 1, 2023
26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

October is traditionally known as the month of the Holy Rosary. St. John Paul II called the Rosary, "a compendium of the Gospel." By meditating on the mysteries of the life of Christ, we begin to know and to understand Jesus in a deeper level. Praying the Rosary can become a source of comfort and means to mature in our Faith. Praying the Rosary, we pray with Mary so that she may teach us about her Son, Jesus Christ. Praying the Rosary consistently strengthens our relationship with Jesus and Mary. Each day of October, members of our Hispanic community gather at someone's home to pray the Rosary. It is a great outreach to strengthen and witness to the community of faith in the local neighborhood. I encourage you to pray the Rosary every day. I would like to share with you a reflection that I read:


When battered by life's storms, or immersed in a dense fog of suffering and uncertainty, we may feel alone and unequipped to handle the circumstances. Yet with words that echo through thousands of years into the corners of our hearts, the Lord says to us, "Do not fear: I am with you" (Isaiah 41:10). He speaks these words not as one who merely observes our pain, but as one who experienced immense suffering. And the very wounds that bear witness to his suffering indicate the essence of our identity and worth: we are loved by God.


Reflecting on the healed wounds of the Risen Christ, we see that even our most difficult trials can be the place where God manifests his victory. He makes all things beautiful. He makes all things new. He is always with us. Jesus promised this when he gave the disciples the same mission he gives to each of us: Go.


Go be my hands and feet to a world enslaved by fear. Go to the woman who is unexpectedly pregnant and fears the future. Go to your friend who fears reprisal at work because he takes a stand for the protection of human life. Go to your aging parent in failing health who fears being a burden. And go to others, too, for their support.


We don't need to have everything figured out. We can simply follow the guidance of Our Blessed Mother, the first disciple: "Do whatever he tells you" (John 25). Walk with each other. Do not be afraid to embrace God's gift of life. Whatever storms or trials we face, we are not alone. He is with us.


"Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20).


Have a great week!

Fr. Keith

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