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"St. Anthony's Parish is a Roman Catholic Family of Faith, rooted in tradition, centered on the Holy Eucharist,

        faithful to the Church's teaching, bringing the Light of Christ to each other and to our community."

The Sacraments @ St. Anthony's 


The sacraments are signs of God's grace and the life of the believer if after reading this page, need more information on the sacraments, or desire to make arrangements to receive them please feel free to contact our parish office.  

The 7 Catholic Sacraments 


            Baptism is the sacrament that welcomes new members to the Catholic Church and community. Baptism is also the first step in receiving the other sacraments and as such acts as a gateway to the Catholic life. Through this sacrament we are freed from sin and joined with Christ, sharing his love for God and faith. This sacrament is usually received soon after birth, but also to those who convert to Catholicism in adulthood and have never been previously baptised. 

  • Please contact the Parish Office for more information and making arrangements.


            Confirmation is the second sacrament of initiation into the church. This sacrament “confirms” and “strengthens” the grace, which we received through Baptism. Confirmation is the gift of the Holy Spirit and marked with a seal; in which, the Bishop anoints oil and laying on of hands to show that we belong to God. Confirmation is usually received in CCD students’ seventh or eighth grade years.



            Eucharist is the sacrament where we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. We as Catholics believe that Christ is really present in the wine and bread that has been consecrated by the priest, which we may receive at every mass. Eucharist is usually received during a student’s third year of CCD.



            Many people of all walks of life have regret of feeling bad about things they have done, said, or even thought wrong that we do not wish to express to others. These hidden regrets at times take on more attention than they deserve due to bottling them inside and unable to speak them to other people. The sacrament of Reconciliation gives us the freedom to express or mildest and deepest sorrows of the things we did wrong. In this gift God offers his forgivness and healing so that we can forgive ourselves, forgive others and heal our broken relationships. After partaking in this sacrament many people feel as if a big weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

            Confession is not designed to invoke feelings of fear, judgment, punishment, or worsen guilt; rather, it is a place for healing and letting gods love open the channels of grief and sorrow to channels of happiness, light, and love. Reconciliation is received in the third year of CCD.


            Love is a powerful force in human life, Matrimony is one of the primary symbols of love. All love comes from and reflects God. Marriage is a sacrament in which two people off self-giving and unconditional love to one another. The minister of the Sacrament of Marriage is the couple receiving this grace and the priest represents God’s witness.

- For more information or making arrangements please contact the Parish Office

Download the Parish Guidelines and Music planning guide for weddings


Anointing of the Sick:

            This sacrament is yet another sacrament of healing. Jesus healed many sick people during his ministry, suffered, and gave himself for us. In the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick we believe that God will raise us up, from our suffering, pain, and sickness and help us to eternal life with him; free from pain and sorrow.

  • Anyone who is sick or suffering should contact the parish office to schedule and appointment with the parish priest to receive this healing sacrament. 


Holy Orders:

            Holy Orders is the sacrament in which a life of dedication to God is bestowed upon those who desire such a glorious relationship. This is the sacrament in which deacons, priests, and bishops are ordained into a life in service of Christ.

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