St. Anthony's Angels

St. Anthony’s Angels is an organization comprised of volunteers working to provide service and support to their fellow parishioners and/or families who may be experiencing a crisis, or are in need of companionship.

Bereavement: We help others bear the loss of their loved one through prayers and support.

Contact: Ken Weiland 610-559-0284

Disability Awareness: Assist those with a physical or mental disability searching for more independence in their lives.

Contact: Diane Silviotti 610-252-0827

Home Visitation: We visit those who may be living alone or are confined to their homes.

Contact: Joan Gonzalez 610-258-1570

Hospital Visits: We visit parishioners in the hospital, spend a few minutes together in prayer, and share in Christian fellowship.

Contact: Mary Nicolosi 610-253-7660

Meals: We provide a complete dinner for a family in crisis for a short period of time.

Contact: Bonnie Amato 610-657-4481

Nursing Home Visits: We bring care and concern to the those who are living in a facility.

Contact: Theresa Martin 610-252-4519

Prayer Chain: Through prayer we intercede for those in need.

Contact: Rose Allshouse 610-253-5010

Prayer Shawls: While praying for the needs of the sick, we knit or crochet shawls and lap blankets to be donated.

Contact: Pat Amato 610-814-2921

Transportation: We provide ambulatory parishioners with transportation to mass and other liturgy.

Contact: Mary Pritchard 610-905-7716

Telephone Visits: We keep in touch with the elderly and infirm among our parish family.

Contact: Mary Weiland 610-559-0284